About Identity

Are You Suffering From A Case of the Mehhh’s?

It’s a common affliction in college students. You’re looking for a place to live next year, when after a while, it all starts to look the same. Whether it’s on-campus dorms or off-campus student apartments, they all have the same thing in common: the bare minimum. If you look long enough, they’ll all start bleeding into one another until they become a jumbled, hazy memory of uniformly crappy student housing– or as we like to call it, a big case of the “Mehhh’s.”

We Have The Cure

Well, maybe not a cure, just an alternative. We call it Identity. You might call it “what-the-what-how-does-a-place-like-this-actually-exist.” Identity is an upscale housing community specifically designed with the modern student in mind. All our units come fully furnished and stocked to the gills with features you’ll rarely find in other student apartments. But our attention to detail doesn’t end at the room; we also have community areas that let you pursue both your studies and your leisure to the upmost. From our fire pit, outdoor TV, grill, and tons of outdoor seating, to expansive bike storage rooms, we’ve included everything you could want– all within a short walk to campus.

Create Your Identity

That sounds like a pretty big claim, right? Actually, we don’t really think so. College is the time where you discover not only who you are, but who you want to be. Where you call home is a big part of that. True, we won’t tell you whether to become an English teacher or an engineer, but we can provide you with one hell of an apartment when you’re figuring it out.

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